Do Some Good With Your Money

At the end of our lives, it’s not about who dies with the most zeros in their bank account.

It’s actually about making a difference in this world. About caring for our family and loved ones. About impacting as many lives as possible.

To get there, we need to get good with our money. And boy, I’m telling you. The world needs more people who are truly good with their money.

There is so much good we can do together:

  • Start non-profits,
  • Fund mental health research,
  • Put a less privileged child through university.

The list is endless.

So, while we are all growing our wealth and heading towards financial freedom. Why not also do some good along the way?

As always, don’t forget the 3 FMS rules on growing your wealth: 1) Spend lesser than what you earn, 2) Get adequate protection, & 3) Invest early and often.

– Ben

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