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The call with Ben was effective to provide clarity on how to build passive income.

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Ben takes out the complexity of all this investment stuff. Easy to take action!

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No BS. No fluff. Legit stuff.

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Meet Ben

The Passive Income Guy

For years, Benjamin felt like building passive income was an impossible task. Something that was reserved only for the ultra-rich, celebrities, and elites of our society.

After he discovered the three elements needed to build passive income. He created The Passive Income Secret Formula. Since then, his formula has been shared with hundreds of people.

Many used his formula and started building passive income for themselves. Interestingly, his clients have gotten really good at it. In fact, some earn more than $33,600 of passive income every single year.

He has helped dozens of clients from various industries to build passive income so they can earn more and work less.

Helping you to build passive income through dividend funds
Earn more, work less, and get out of the rat race
Former accountant turned financial planner
Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier (MDRT) 2023
Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and Certified Private Banker (CPB)
Been in the wealth management industry since 2017
Graduated top of my class with a degree in accounting and finance
Serving more than 125+ clients
Associate Director of Sales with Dunn and Partners – a branch of Manulife Financial Advisers (MFA)

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