June 2021 – Investment Insights

It’s a relief to see Singapore opening up again slowly. I’m looking forward to having coffee with you soon! It has been too long.


  • The world is looking positively to the reopening of major western economies. This is mainly due to the US $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, and the successful vaccine programs happening all across the US and UK.
  • Daily Covid infections have been at their lowest since mid-March. The outbreaks in India are fading. Global vaccinations are being ramped up. With over 2 billion doses administered around the world, the transmission of Covid-19 should start to decline.
  • Asia’s performance was less stellar in Q2. This is mainly due to the rising Covid-19 cases in China that led to the lockdown of several cities and tighter social distancing measures.


With a mixture of good and bad news. It’s normal to feel unsettled about the current market situation. However, ups and downs are part of the investing journey.

My advice is to look past this short-term volatility and to stay invested. It will be wise to adopt a long-term perspective. Based on historical data, the markets tend to outpace inflation. So if you’re worried about rising inflation. Keeping a healthy allocation to the markets is surely a good defence.

As always, reminding you that growing your wealth is simple – you just need to invest early and often.

– Ben


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