Have you ever wondered if there’s a cheaper way to save on food deliveries? Well, if you’re using GrabFood, you can save up to 40% compared to the regular delivery option by choosing Saver delivery. Although it may take slightly longer for your food to arrive, I’ve been using this option as my default since it was launched, and here’s why.

There are various situations in life when food delivery is a necessity. For example, when the weather is sweltering hot and walking outside means coming back drenched in sweat. Or when you have an urgent task to complete and need to eat a bit later. And let’s not forget about hosting social gatherings and needing to cater to a larger group of eaters. In these cases, food delivery becomes a convenient solution.

However, there is a cost associated with outsourcing this task. So, how can you save money while still enjoying the convenience of food delivery? The answer is simple: choose Saver delivery.

Saver delivery is an option available on the GrabFood app that offers cheaper delivery fees in exchange for a slightly longer wait time. When placing an order, you can choose between Priority, Standard, and Saver delivery options. Personally, I prefer Saver Delivery because waiting a bit longer is worth the cost savings.

I mostly use Saver delivery to place orders ahead of lunch, where we order close to 12pm and gather to eat at about 1pm. The extra delivery time is not significant, usually only 10-15 minutes longer than the estimated time provided by the app. This minor delay is well worth the savings.

The actual delivery time depends on several factors, including the restaurant’s preparation time, the number of orders the assigned rider is handling, and the rider’s navigation and driving skills. In my experience, the extra wait time is reasonable and doesn’t significantly impact the overall delivery experience.

Saver delivery is also ideal for hosting guests. By placing orders at least an hour before our friends arrive, I can send them my Grab group order link so everyone can add their own orders without the need for me to collect multiple requests. It saves me from lugging around heavy food orders and ensures everyone gets their desired meals.

Even when my husband and I order something to share, he believes the delivery fee is worth paying for because it saves him time, petrol, and effort.

GrabFood is my preferred food delivery app for several reasons. Firstly, I appreciate the convenience of having a single app for all my delivery needs, including transport rides, food deliveries, last-minute groceries, and even payment at merchants. Dealing with multiple apps can be a hassle.

Secondly, GrabFood offers the widest range of food options, covering hawkers, fast foods, shopping mall merchants, restaurants, and even some Michelin-starred establishments. The ability to read reviews and participate in group orders is also a feature I value. It’s convenient and allows for greater variety in food choices.

As a banking customer with UOB and GXS, I also receive additional perks and rewards when using Grab.

When it comes to saving on food delivery, there’s another option besides choosing Saver delivery. If you find yourself frequently ordering food delivery, consider signing up for GrabUnlimited. This subscription service offers unlimited free deliveries for a fixed monthly fee. It’s a great way to save if you’re a frequent user.

Additionally, you can keep an eye out for periodic discount codes shared by Grab on their Instagram account. These codes can provide further savings on your food delivery fees.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to save on food delivery, choosing Saver delivery on GrabFood is a great option. The slightly longer wait time is worth the cost savings. GrabFood offers a wide range of food options and provides a convenient all-in-one app for your delivery needs. Consider signing up for GrabUnlimited if you frequently order food delivery, and keep an eye out for discount codes to maximize your savings.

Benjamin Low
Benjamin Low

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