Top 10 Benefits Employees Really Want

Have you ever wondered what benefits do my employees really want?

Well, if you don’t know what benefits they really want, you might be paying for benefits that they don’t use or appreciate. Worse of all, you may not be able to retain top talent should another company comes along with a slightly better package.

Employee benefits are important because they impact how well your employees perform at work. It also lowers the employer’s recruitment costs and fosters a healthy business culture by recognising and rewarding employees’ accomplishments.

LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Survey 2020 showed that companies rated highly on:

  • Compensation and benefits saw 56% lower turnover
  • Employee training saw 53% lower turnover
  • Flexible work arrangements saw 137% higher headcount growth

In short, attractive employee benefits help you attract and retain top people, save time and money on recruiting, and improve employee productivity.

According to the “State of Employee Benefits” report by Swingvy, The top 10 employee benefits that Singapore workers want but are NOT offered by most companies are:

  1. Dental cover
  2. Gym membership
  3. Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) or Bonus
  4. Flexible hours or Work from home
  5. Better medical insurance
  6. Health screening
  7. Flexi-cash benefit
  8. Selling of annual leave
  9. Maternity insurance
  10. Company shares

Dental tops the list, probably because, on average, a dental procedure could cost anywhere between $300 and $1200 — which is expensive for just about any employee. 

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