What On Earth Was I Thinking?

One of the biggest regrets people have is that they were too conservative when they were younger.

If you never smacked your own forehead and said: “why did I do something so dumb?”. You are either a prophet who has glimpses of the future… Or, you’re playing it too safe.

  • Thinking of starting that business? – go for it
  • Thinking of asking that girl out? – what’s stopping you?
  • Thinking of finally investing – yes. yes. 100 times, yes.

You can always start first and then optimise later. The most important thing is to start. A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

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As always, don’t forget the 3 FMS rules of growing your wealth: 1) Spend lesser than what you earn, 2) Get adequate protection, & 3) Invest early and often.

– Ben

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